Monday, July 6, 2015

UVXY Jan 16 Options Reaction to Greek Drama

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The chart above shows the options action on the Jan 16 $80 Call option. On Monday 6/29 the market opened down over 1% due to the Greek drama.

During the week the option fluctuated from a high of over $12 to a low of $7.50.

Today the option recovered to $12 and settled at $11.

The chart below shows UVXY price action during the same period of time.

I wanted to create a table/chart that compared the movement of the option and the underlying security. See below:

Something else I found interesting was the scatter plot for this data set. See below:

I continue to hold a long position in XIV and have sold some Jan 16 $80 calls on UVXY.

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  1. Hi Nathan,

    1) When you were speaking about selling UVXY calls on SA, I was trying to looking at prices are charts like the first one, but I was having to go one-by-one on yahoo finance and it didn't always plot the graph, is there a website one can look at for options which have spiked? For instance, the 78$ call may have gone up 90%, whereas the $80 went up 100%...leaving the latter more downside. So is there a good place to see/dissect such information...

    2) Not to be rude, but unfortunately, the lines on your movement chart of option v uvxy, are all the same colors, so it's really hard to see which line is which? Also the labels on the axis....Apologies I'm really dumb.

    3) Same with the scatterplot..I don't understand what is being plotted with what? Or why it's interesting...were you not expecting a linear correlation?

  2. 1. Some brokers offer charts, which I find particularly helpful.

    2. The graph is cut and dry. You have UVXYs stock price in blue and the Jan 16 options movement in Gray. On the left axis you have security price and on the right you have percent change.

    3. I had never plotted the data and the linear correlation is interesting to me.

    Hope this helps.