Sunday, March 13, 2016

Moving back to SeekingAlpha

Hello everyone,

I hope you have been well. When I started this blog my goal was to create a stand alone blog for content that didn't really fit with SeekingAlpha's editorial standards, such as options strategies. Due to changes at SeekingAlpha, I am now able to publish those there. I will post anything that doesn't fit their model to my Instablog.

If you aren't following me there, , I encourage you to become a real time follower so you can still receive all of the same great information I have posted here.

As the school year begins to wind down towards June I will begin to ramp up the content I am making available for VIX related products.

Thanks for reading, as always, you're the best.


Nathan Buehler

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  1. Hi Nathan, on your article here:

    wouldn't it make more sense that contango helps to offset the decay on contract roll-overs rather than contributes to decay? Essentially uwti would benefit from oil price contracts going up. Am I thinking this in the wrong way? Thanks